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Q.  Check-in is from 13:00, can I check-in early?

A.  The staff is available from 10:00, so if you can consult us in advance, we will do our best to   accommodate you.

Q. I'm afraid I'll be late for check-in at 18:00 .

A.  If you cannot make it in time, please contact us. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Q.  Is there a curfew for going out after check-in?

A.  You are free to come and go after check-in.

  If you have a plan that is likely to be past 18:00, please complete the check-in procedure first.

Q.  I would like to delay the check-out time.

A.  Check-out time is 11:00 the next day. Depending on the situation, such as when there is no    next check-in scheduleFlexible, we will respond to strange situations.

Q.  How big is the parking lot?

A.  The space for one parking lot is 7m ✖ 4.6m for sites 1-6 and 7m ✖ 4.3m for sites 7-9 .

Q.  What is the electric capacity of the external power supply?

A.  100V power supply, 15A. It is fully equipped on all 9 sites.

Q.  Is it possible to dispose of garbage?

A.  If you want to dispose of garbage, please purchase a garbage bag (4 types, 1 set) designated        by Kutchan Town for 200 yen at the reception.

​    You can sort them and put them out at the RV park garbage station.

Q.  Is there a dump station?

A.  Yes, we have. Gray and black tanks can be treated.

     After use, please rinse clean in the shower provided.

Q.  I would like to cancel my reservation. Will there be a cancellation fee?

A.  There is no cancellation fee. Please be sure to contact us if you wish to cancel your reservation.

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