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Auto site with power supply

Wide distance from neighboring sites

This is a spacious plot site with natural grass.

You can park your car next to the site, so

Moving your luggage is also easy.

All auto sites are equipped with power supply (15A)

In a camper or camping trailer

​Customers can use it with confidence.


 Section (grass area)Izu 8m​  10m

   ParkingspaceSize of space  4m    8m


​ *Even if the total length of your vehicle exceeds 8m, please contact us in advance.

Please consult with usAcceptable.

  [ BenefitsforstomachJust
                ·Administration Building
​         ・Dog run

[Outdoor sauna】

For guests staying at Petitor Kutchan,

Available from 1000 yen per person​Masu.

outside sauna

*Open all year round.

​ *In winter, it may be narrower than usual due to snow.

For same-day reservations, please contact us in advance as snow removal may not be completed in time depending on snow conditions.

Auto site facility equipment with power supply

[Facilities in the administration building]

​・Coin shower

・Coin laundry

・Clothes dryer

·Warm water washing toilet seat


・Washstand sink (hot water comes out)

·microwave oven

・Electric kettle

·hair dryer

​[Other equipment]

・Garbage disposal OK (Garbage bag charge)

・Water supply, dump station

​[Dog run]

For customers using the RV park, Petitor Kutchan:You can use the dog run for free.

[Outside sauna​]

For guests staying at the RV park Petitor Kutchan,From 1000 yen per person

Available.You can also use the sauna for private use or for day trips.We accept.

​Please make your reservation by the day before.(Rental items available)

【 please note 】

There is a river within the park of Petitor Kutchan. Please be careful of vehicle traffic in the area.​​

Please keep an eye on your children and pets.

When taking your pet out of the car,"Rules for bringing pets"Please protect yourself.

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