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100 minutes per session / up to 6 people
① 11:00-12:40
② 13:00-14:40
③ 15:00-16:40
​ ④ 17:00-18:40

outside sauna​ business hours

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 <Outside sauna reception process>

*​until the day beforePlease make a reservationMasu.

General on the dayPlease pay in advance at the reception.
For first time customers,We will inform you when the time comes.

 ※事前予約制です ( 前日17:00まで )


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<Outer serviceHow to use UnaRe

When your time is up, please enter through the men's and women's changing rooms.

*Shoes are strictly prohibited in the changing rooms.

Please bring the sandals in your locker.

Please head to the outdoor sauna.

*Please take off your sandals when entering the sauna.

<Information on the changing room>

Shower room equipment

Body soap, conditionerchampoo

toilet, locker,sandalsThere is avinegar

<Outside sauna equipment>

water bathtwo, small bathtub,table,chair, bathtub

recliner chair,water jug, paper cup

(You can enjoy Loryu)

RV Park Kutchan, Petitor KutchiFor guests staying at

Available at affordable rates.

It is also possible to use the sauna only or to reserve it for private use.



*If you are making a reservation for multiple people, please have the representative fill in the information all at once.

5. Usage category/Number of users


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