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General reception

Click here for general reception for RV-Park Kutchan and Petotoru Kutchan.

For customers checking in and customers using the outside sauna, Please come here.

Facility Information
​ 異なりますのでご注意ください。
*Payment method is cash or credit card
We handle various types of electronic money.
< 施設の設備 >

Coin-operated showers

Coin-operated showers in separate men's and women's rooms are available 24 hours a day.
Bath mats, changing baskets, and shoe storage are provided.
The fee is 200 yen for 10 minutes.
Only 100 yen coins can be used.

Laundry machine capacity is 11 lbs.
Available 24 hours a day.
*No detergent is available.
The fee is 300 yen per time.
Detergent is available for 50 yen per time. Please purchase during reception hours.

Clothes dryer
The capacity of the dryer is about 10lbs. 
Available 24 hours a day.
The fee is 100 yen per 30 minutes.

Garbage Disposal

You can purchase garbage bags designated by Kutchan-cho for disposal.
Please separate garbage into burnable, non-burnable, food waste, and recyclable (cans, bottles, PET bottles) and dispose of them at the dedicated garbage stations.


Kutchan-cho designated garbage bag

4 types 1 set

Bidet toilet

Toilets are available 24 hours a day. 


Washbasin Sink

The wide, deep sink is easy to use and provides hot water, making it comfortable to use even in cold winters. A drainer rack is also available for your use.


A microwave oven, electric kettle, and hair dryer are available.
Please feel free to use them.

Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is available in the RV-park.



Water supply, dump station

The water tap on the right is for water supply only. If you are using it for drinking water, please remove the hose before supplying water.

​Please use the dump station for household wastewater and human waste. Also, to ensure everyone's comfort, please use the drain hose on the left to clean the water after draining.

Discount benefits
Premium members of Kuruma-Tabi Club, customers traveling by Hokkaido Nomad car rental, and customers with Stage-Up Sapporo stickers will receive a discount on consumption tax from their usage charges.
​Continuous stay discount will be applied from the 3rd day.


Outside sauna
Guests staying at RV-Park Kutchan can use the service from 1,000 yen per person.
We also accept private reservations and one-day use of the sauna.

With lowry

In addition to the two cold baths, there is also a small bathtub., the whole family can enjoy it.
​(Advance reservation required)


dog run
Customers using RV Park Kutchan can use the dog run free of charge.

Please use the manner water available on the premises.

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< Venue map >

RV sites 1-17

*All 17 sites are fully equipped with power supply.Updated on September 26, 2023

<What is an RV-park>


RV parks are lodging facilities that meet the requirements of "comfortable and safe places to stay in a car" as defined by the Japan RV Association. (Unlike campgrounds, camping in the open such as pitching a tent is not allowed.)
RV Park Kutchan allows side awnings to be extended and tables and chairs to be set up.
Simple cooking is also possible inside the awnings.
Please read the following prohibitions and precautions when using the park, and please use it with good manners.​​

Prohibitions and precautions when using

・ Cooking outside the car is prohibited.

・ The use of fire in the park is prohibited.

 (Please refrain from bonfire and barbecue even if it is not an open   flame.)

・ Minimum cooking is possible in the awning.

・ Be sure to stop the engine while parking. (No idling)

・ Acts that cause inconvenience to the surrounding area (van-

  dwelling passengers) such as the use of a generator and noise are   prohibited.

・ No smoking inside the reception, please use the smoking space 


・ It is prohibited to litter garbage and butts and leave unnecessary       items behind.

・ Please note that we are not responsible for accidents or thefts in       the parking lot. ​​

・ When you take your pet out of the car, please follow the "Rules for bringing pets" .

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